Female Patient Being Reassured By Doctor In Hospital Room
Dwan Fellows
April 3, 2024

The culture in clinical trials in recent years has been very inclusive of women but did you know that women have not always been included in clinical trials? It is still recent that women are included in clinical research. I...

Scientist or Physician in a lab taking notes on a clipboard
Dwan Fellows
February 28, 2024

There is a great need for participants in clinical trials. It is the process by which a medication, treatment, new testing, and therapies are proven to be safe and effective. But is a clinical trial the right choice for you?...

Doctor and patient having a conversation
Dwan Fellows
January 29, 2024

People who are in a clinical trial or are thinking about joining a clinical trial have the right to ask the study staff any questions they may have about the study. The questions below are useful for patients, potential study...

Packet of pink medical tablets
Dr. Maryanna Barrett
December 19, 2023

I am sure I am not alone when I vaguely recall receiving a letter or a leaflet in the mail recruiting subjects for clinical research, giving it little or no thought, then walking directly from the mailbox to the recycling...

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