Cold-Flu-COVID Study

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Fever? Cough? Chills? Is it the Flu, COVID, or just a cold? Find out quickly! Free test and compensation available

Do you or one of your loved ones have any of the following symptoms: Fever? Cough? Chills? Runny/Stuffy Nose? Just not feeling well or very tired? Are you not sure whether it is COVID, the flu, RSV, or maybe the common cold? There is only one way to be sure…get tested. We are seeking volunteers to participate in a clinical trial to test and diagnose COVID, Flu, and RSV. Get a rapid PCR test (no cost to you) to identify exactly what you do have and get same day results. Your results are kept confidential.  Compensation is available for qualifying candidates – we accept children and adults. Have questions? Give us a call at 912-355-4447 or submit your info on the form below.

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