How Do I Know if a Clinical Trial is the Right Fit for Me?

Scientist or Physician in a lab taking notes on a clipboard
Dwan Fellows
February 28, 2024

There is a great need for participants in clinical trials. It is the process by which a medication, treatment, new testing, and therapies are proven to be safe and effective. But is a clinical trial the right choice for you?

There is not a one size fits all approach to determine if a clinical trial is the right choice for your circumstances. A patient may have many reasons to participate.

Regardless of your circumstances here are certain ideas you might want to consider:

  • Make an appointment to discuss the trial with the research team or your healthcare provider. The research team is your best resource for understanding the trial. At this appointment you can find out more information about the trial and what is involved with your participation. Data shows that the more informed a patient is about the process and what is required the better the participation experience.
  • Standard treatment options for your current condition(s). Often, standard treatment options are sufficient. Clinical trials can offer you a way to try something new that is not yet available. Even if a standard treatment is available your participation in a clinical trial helps to advance treatment options for you and everyone else.
  • The commitment that comes with participating in a clinical trial. You should be aware of any time commitments for office visits, telemedicine visits, travel requirements, imaging visits, laboratory collections, dosing requirements, etc. Sometimes a trial is a good fit for your condition but not your schedule or quality of life.
  • The potential side effects, risks, and/or outcomes. These things can be intimidating, but ask a lot of questions so that you understand.

Behind every new medicine are the volunteers that take part in clinical trials. Thank you for your consideration, and thank you to our many volunteers who allow us to pursue the advancement of the medical sciences. Your generous participation in clinical trials is never taken for granted.

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